Our History

      CMH Productions would like to thank you for visiting our website.  A little about us: we are a full-service event production company originally started in 2008.  Initially, CMH started as a concert promotion company producing and promoting small band concerts. However, back in 2009 we took a leap of faith and produced our first major event. It was a Christian music festival, Autumn Fest, held in the New River Valley.  The event was the first of its kind in the New River Valley.  The event had 3 stages, 8 bands, and nearly 2 thousand fans in attendance.  Realizing the New River Valley was in need of a professional production company capable of producing the highest level event possible, CMH was born.  With CMH at your side, you can be assured that you are getting the best in the business – a production company that will make sure your vision of the event is fully achieved.  


    CMH Productions mission is to provide Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford, Dublin and the entire New River Valley with the best Disc Jockey (DJ) and lighting production services available.  Our company is focused on being the finest entertainment company by ensuring we provide outstanding customer service, and our professionalism is unsurpassed.      





Our Philosophy

    CMH knows that for any event to be truly successful the music must be heard as it was intended.  Artists create songs to convey their emotions and feelings with the hope that the listeners will feel the same emotions.  CMH understands how important music is to the success of our client’s event.  Our philosophy is simple; we want our clients to leave their event and forever being able to hear a particular song and immediately be transported back to that special moment they created.  It is proven that music is often the greatest connection to a memory.  Everyone has heard a specific song from their past and immediately felt the emotions that were nearly as vivid as the moment they created them. CMH Productions goal is to give you and all of your guests that special connection to your event by producing just the right sound for that occasion.